“An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest”


Business Insights * Fraud * Pre-employment & Employment * Mystery Shopping

Business Insights

Good decision making makes up the core of every business. Be it due diligence or simply getting to know what you are dealing with requires the gathering of relevant and accurate facts for management to make an informed decision.

Lack of data or being overwhelmed with tons of unrelated data could result in undesired outcomes in relation to your business.

At Ranger Investigation, we can assist in your gathering of competitive intelligence. Besides deploying the traditional methods of commercial investigation, we adopt OSINT principles and techniques to extract relevant data and provide you with the advantage you need.

Fraud Examining

Fraud Examining is a complicated, tedious, time and sometimes labour intensive process. Lighten the workload by outsourcing the groundwork to the experienced and knowledgeable. Using proven methods and creative ideas, Ranger Investigators can work with your internal auditors and other departments to assist in your fraud-fighting. We are are trained to detect and evaluate truthfulness using interviewing techniques and analysing facial expressions.

Ranger Investigators are experienced in:
– background checks
– conducting internal investigations
– making discreet enquiries
– conducting overt employee interviews

Pre-Employment Check / Employee Profile /
Moonlighting / Mystery Shopping

It is without a doubt that human capital is a significant asset for many organisations, it differentiates your company from your competitors.

In a hiring process, resumes might be clouded with misinterpreted experiences, as well as references who are merely friends. You want to hire the right fit by verifying the candidate’s track record and his character which, in turn may lead your company‚Äôs culture and values.

Besides hiring, Ranger assists HR departments in performance management. Companies engage us because they know dysfunctional individuals are often detrimental to the morale of the business and can become a financial burden in the long run.

Let us provide you the knowledge and insight you need to make better decisions in Human Resources Management.