Litigation Support 

“Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence”


Disputes * Asset Tracing * Intellectual Property Infringement

In civil litigation, there is often a direct conflict of account, where two parties may have different recounts of the same event. In civil proceedings, the task of the judge is to clear up the facts of the case based on the balance of probabilities. That is, the judge must decide which is more likely to be the true position.

Ranger can support your lawyer and case by gathering admissible corroborations to get an advantageous edge during the preparation and interlocutory process. We can help with:

: Disputes
: Intellectual Property Infringement

Corporate & Commercial Dispute,
Assets Tracing,
Intellectual Property Infringement

Protection of your company’s values and resources is of utmost importance. With copyright laws surrounding your creations and other laws overseeing your right to payment, you have every right to stand up to the other party.
Ranger’s surveillance has provided lawyers insights with regards to the court application in ordering the disclosure of relevant documents.

Let us seek out the truth for you to maintain your company’s integrity, so you can free yourself from these conflicts

We support business owners and individuals with their litigation in gathering admissible corroborations in the form of facts or relevant facts by the following methods:
: Background checks
: Facts Corroboration
: Evidence Collection
: Assets Searching
: Surveillance
: Mystery Shopping
: Data extraction using OSINT principles