Litigation Support


“Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence”


Disputes * Intellectual Property Infringement * Asset Tracing

Litigation Support


In civil litigation, conflicting accounts of the same event can create challenges for judges and lawyers.

At Ranger Investigation, we provide reliable and accurate investigation services to help clear up the facts of a case based on the balance of probabilities. We understand the importance of providing clear and concise reports that can be easily understood by the court, and we work closely with lawyers to ensure our findings are presented effectively.

Ranger can support your lawyer and case by gathering admissible corroborations to get an advantageous edge during the preparation and interlocutory process. We can help with:
: Disputes
: Intellectual Property Rights Infringements
: Asset Tracing
: Others

Corporate & Commercial Disputes, Intellectual Property Infringements, Asset Tracing


Protecting your company’s values and resources is crucial, especially when it comes to copyright laws and payment disputes.

Ranger Investigation’s comprehensive investigative services can help you stand up to the other party and maintain your company’s integrity. Our experienced team uses a combination of traditional and modern methods to gather and analyze evidence, including witness interviews, surveillance, open sources searches and document analysis to provide valuable insights to lawyers for court applications, including the revelation of critical evidence.

We support business owners and individuals with their litigation in the following ways:
: Background checks
: Corroboration of Facts
: Evidence Collection
: Asset Searches
: Surveillance
: Mystery Shopping
: Evidence collection using OSINT principles
: Facilitating Process Serving

Let us seek out the truth for you, so you can free yourself from these distractions and focus on running your business. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how Ranger Investigation can help protect your company’s interests.