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Domestic/Parental Surveillance * Reality Check * Locate Missing Persons * Counter-Surveillance * Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Individual/Domestic Matters


Challenges, problems or reservations about certain issues are part and parcel of life. The family issues, relationship hurdles, suspicions or scars on your heart should be tackled so that you have the peace of mind to carry on with your daily life. Unfortunately, when such issues arise, you might get more emotional, making it harder to keep a clear mind and make logical decisions.

With Ranger Investigation, we can step in in the midst of your emotional turmoil, giving you practical advice and acting upon them with a one-track mind.

Let us assist you with the information you need and enable you to respond rationally to your challenges and problems, be it:
: Domestic/Parental Surveillance
: Reality Check
: Locate Missing Person
: Counter-Surveillance
: Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Domestic/Parental Surveillance/Reality Check


Any relationship comes with obstacles. Keeping tabs on loved ones through surveillance helps in understanding the doubts and insecurities of the relationship, so those issues can be tackled, then will peace and trust be restored.

Domestic and Parental surveillance are predominantly engaged by spouses and parents to verify if their children or partners are being truthful, though occasionally the targets are older parents and helpers. Requested reality checks, typically called background checks, are done upon doubts about a person’s history, background, current occupation, and social activities.

With Ranger Investigation’s experience in this area and usage of both traditional and modern techniques, few can escape our watchful eyes.

Notable Cases

Puppy Love

The parents of a daughter engaged us to find their daughter who ran away from home. After 2 days of investigation, we managed to find out that their daughter was staying with a friend in neighbouring Malaysia. They were eventually able to coax their daughter home.

It takes two to quarrel but only one to end it

A client together with her husband engaged us to find their estranged son who left home just before his wedding day many years ago. We left no stone un-turned in search for their son and managed to locate him after a week of thorough searching. This enabled our client to embark on re-building their relationship with their son.

It’s a facade

A client who was about to take the plunge into marriage with her partner, felt that she did not know enough of her husband-to-be. Through our reality check, we found out that he was married twice and he was living a double life all this while. Our client was thereafter able to make in informed decision on whether to continue the relationship.

Another one?

Another client engaged us to conduct surveillance on his foreigner fiancee whilst he was overseas. We discovered that there was another man in their “picture perfect” future. Our client became enlightened on the issue and was able to amend his future plans.

Something’s not right

A pair of concerned parents engaged us to conduct a background check on their prospective son-in-law. In less than a week, we found out that he had various moral deficiencies and an ambiguous lifestyle. Concerned that their daughter may be angry with her parents’ intervention, the parents commissioned us to stage a “coincidental bump” with the son-in-law and his “partner”. Subsequently, the daughter broke off the engagement.

Truth hurts

An employer engaged our services to survey their live-in helper after they become suspicious of her activities, especially when the family is out at work and school. A hidden camera and voice recorder was placed in the home to record her activities and mobile surveillance was conducted when the helper left home for her exciting off-day activities. The helper was eventually sent back home.