My First Day- the perfect side of you

By March 19, 2018Uncategorized

“Why don’t you journal about your first week as a PI, your perspectives are very interesting? Monday! Let me read it on Monday.”

So here I am, listening to Spotify, drinking Shiraz and putting on a relaxing mask to pamper my sun-beaten face imagining I’m Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) or Sumiko Tan (The Straits Times) to complete the task that my new boss has assigned during de-briefing and I hope you will be drawn to my perspectives about life.

Hi, I’m Liora, a newbie female Private Investigator. Yes, I’m one of the very few licensed female PI in Singapore, and perhaps the only one that made a drastic change to her life – I left my comfortable paying job in an MNC to join this profession FULL TIME.

Every day, yes, every day for the past 5 days was eye-opening for me.  In fact to chronologically recall my week now seems like a difficult task as I was constantly exposed to a totally different side of Singapore every day.  Forget about the normal orientation that most employees are given on their first week of work, mine was real cases.

I was tasked to do two reality checks on my first day of work. Both are checking on their partners before committing further into their relationships.

Shocked? Don’t be! We have clients that are willing to pay a sum to do reality checks. In fact, the demand for this service is increasing. Clients of such, often have reservations about their partners and yet they are unable to pin-point the exact cause of their uncertainties hence they engage our services to have clarity.

I know what you are thinking, nope, they are not the rich, high profile people that you see in dramas. They are normal people like you and me, who are willing to invest on finding a suitable partner to complete their life. Good or Bad? We won’t know until we investigate. The bottom line is we are engaged to help our clients make a better life decision.

Before the end of my first day, I was already standing for an hour in a famous Chinatown building conducting a surveillance on a female subject that we have only a photo of. I was tasked to ascertain her as our subject. I was indeed overwhelmed by the number of different things I have to do at the same time- running down to catch up with her, pretending to have a meal beside her naturally, starting a conversation to have a closer look to find similarities with the given photo and coupled by the anxiety to confirm her identity (my whole team was waiting for me). I couldn’t confirm her identity for a real reason, she looks different from the photo given. For operation purpose, we split up to ensure all clues and grounds are covered, and indeed, she was eventually identified to be our subject.

By 6 pm, I was mentally and physically tired. Body hugging clothes and heels of Black Widow are made possible… by the Avengers, in real life, its sore feet and attracting unnecessary stares from undesirable men who assumes you are one of the sex service providers standing there.

During my drive home, I was thinking a lot about the subjects that I encountered today. Are we too consumed in presenting the ideal and perfect us, that we forgot about who we really are?  Do not get me wrong, I think it’s perfectly fine to have minor enhancements to present the better side of us, I do buy nice clothes and put on make-up to be presentable and of course, it makes me more confident! I do use MEITU (IMHO it is the best photo app invention, although, I experienced the flip side of it now). Presenting a better side of you is not creating a different you, you are still you, just showing a better side of you. The subjects that I’m writing about is presenting a DIFFERENT them beyond looks, and likely, their perceived PERFECT SELF to their partners in order to obtain whatever emotional or material needs and wants.

Have more people unknowingly gone beyond the limits of presenting A BETTER ME to creating “A PERFECT SELF”? Well, that could be one of the reasons since demand for reality checks has increased. This is the danger zone as they became more engrossed in creating more sophisticated layers of pretence which eventually lead them into living a double life. But then again, I asked myself how do I know which is the “real” them, perhaps they are showing their real self to our clients? As a PI, I can only present what we have found and not judge on it. Ultimately, everyone, including my clients, are entitled to have true happiness in their relationships and a suitable half to complete their life. For me, I gave up the idea of being the perfect real-life Agent Black Widow and decided to be comfortable in flats.


* Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer – Ranger Investigation and/or clients.