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I hope my last blog gives you a peek of what fieldwork really is; I would like to emphasize that it is not the entirety of fieldwork but more on my “growing pains” in this job (I know I’m a bit too old for that but that doesn’t deny my rights of being young… in this profession).

And of course, after my last blog was published, friends asked me more questions of what I have written and which so happen, coincide with this 2nd instalment, so I decided to combine both.

I indeed do office work and that is the reason why I’ve not been writing for months. I’ve been running around learning the ropes and am also involved in the revamping of Ranger’s website.  Currently, I’m also in the midst of launching a new service dedicated to females, SO PLEASE STAY TUNED!

So what are the “PI office work” I do? I call it – deskbound investigation and reporting. Like I previously mentioned, the skillsets have evolved, although it’s still pretty much about taking pictures and surveillance within the private investigation industry. Most of the time, we combine both deskbound investigation, data sourcing methods and fieldwork depending on case’s objectives and requirements.

At Ranger, we support companies by providing business insights from different aspects, including HR and identifying fraud in their businesses. I know what you think, don’t the companies have someone to do it? Yes, if you are a big company, then it makes sense to put a team or someone on the payroll, but if you are not, you shouldn’t be deprived of it. Smaller companies have become more aware of competitive intelligence, governance within the company and good employees, they are willing to engage us to assist them in this non-frequent aspect of their business.

Besides businesses, we also support pre-litigation and litigation. In a civil litigation, there are mountains of paperwork and reading of past judgements in order to establish valid legal arguments, hence lawyers often engage us to assist in finding admissible facts. Businesses and Individuals also engage us from the start to determine if they have enough facts to justify litigation or to find out if it’s a white-collar crime.

Other questions my friends asked were: Beside matrimonial cases, what other cases do you take on? Do people make use of you to do things when they are in the wrong?

We do take on various domestic cases as well. It includes surveillance on children, parents or domestic helpers. Some parents have also engaged us to do background checks on their children’s partners.

We come in good faith to do good in our business, we do our due diligence to avoid being made use of. We cannot stop people from coming to seek us, however, we can choose whether to stick our heads into it.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer – Ranger Investigation and/or clients.


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