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Hi, I’m Liora, a newbie female PI. I’m one of the few licensed and practicing female private investigators in Singapore, and one that also made a huge change to her life – I left my comfortable paying job in an MNC to join this profession full time. As I’m into my third month of private investigation, I guess it’s appropriate that I give my 5 cents worth on what Private Investigation is and the real challenges of being a private investigator.

Common Comments: You very free hor, just sit, look and then can earn money.

It’s referring to stake-out or static surveillance, simply put in layman terms – waiting for our subject to appear or waiting for something to happen.

Yes, it might seem we are very “ENG” at times. In reality, while we are waiting long hours (rain or shine), we are actually anticipating all possible permutations that can happen and how to execute sound decisions immediately in response, given the situation and environment. If Mahjong is good training for alertness, try being a Private Investigator. Trust me, not only your brain, all the 21 senses including your gut feel will be activated and required. If we are meeting the subject for the first time, we need to possess the powers of “Bionic” eyes in identifying them.

More often than not, while waiting, we do not have the luxury of air-conditioning, eating in peace and toilets. I actually gobbled down my packet of food standing under a tree on a hot, sunny “31 Degrees’ Celsius” day in 5 mins and drove 3 mins just to get to a toilet. To add to that, I was also frequently donating blood to the ever-hungry mosquitoes. Even the “Summon” aunty has an easier job than me, she can leave after hitting her daily targets. I have to continue hitting the mosquitoes till my subject makes the next move or our client call it a day.

Common Comments: Are you an ex-police?

Only police can catch thief, however, you do not need an ex-police officer to be able to collect evidence and present facts. With the advancement of technology, digitalisation and knowledge landscape, requirements and skill-sets of a professional private investigator have also evolved. As a matter of fact, most of our private investigators are not from the Singapore Police Force, yet we are able to complete out tasks efficiently. Natural Wit, Grit, stamina, righteousness and a passion to help people are the important intrinsic characteristics that are essential of a Ranger private investigator.

Why do I say so? You may ask.

Most of the time, we do not have conducive work environment, normal working hours, public holidays or normal meal times.  We work ANYWHERE, on call 24-7, RAIN or SHINE and sometimes we only know where we are heading at the eleventh hour.

This is not all! Private investigators also need to be Camera man; Film Editor; Report Writer; Data Analyst; Investigative Researcher, Human Street Directory; Skilful Driver/Rider; Master of Disguise, Listening Ear and the list goes on.

So if you do not have the above intrinsic characteristics, tell me who in the right mind that possesses such diverse skill-sets would want to be in this profession? It is the satisfaction we derive from helping our clients that sustains us.

Common Comments: Why do you need to work in a team, aiya 1 person enough liao.

Unless you tell me my subject is someone that is permanently on a wheelchair, otherwise I do not think that its sufficient.

“My partner is very smart, very careful, cunning, F1 driver, Judo black belt, so on and so forth.” Most clients will tell us.

As the saying goes “三个臭皮匠胜过一个诸葛亮”, two heads are better than one. With teamwork, the probability of remaining covert increases and losing the subject decreases. Remaining covert is in fact the top 2 priorities for every mission as it’s our duty to protect our clients. In addition, with more people observing the subject, we are able to predict the next move faster.

I hope the above will provide clarity on what we do as Ranger Investigators.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer – Ranger Investigation and/or clients.


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