Matrimonial Investigations – Part 2

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The fewer of facts, the stronger the opinion.

                                                  -Arnold H Glasow


Engaging us for Investigation

Clients often approach us not knowing what they need or form perceptions based on prior “hearsays” instead of facts. This is understandable as most people don’t deal with such matters on a daily basis. The top matrimonial “hearsays” will be – You must catch them in bed to prove adultery or all I need is that hotel receipt with his name, or if I engage a PI to get the evidence I can get more during a divorce. (I will share more stories in my future blog entries.)

Adultery can be proven based on <Inclination X Opportunity>* and it takes more than a hotel receipt to prove adultery. It is not true once you file for divorce under adultery you will get more and not all clients that approach us are proceeding with a divorce, some want to fight to save their marriage. There are many more reasons but whatever the reasons, we are here to help.

Some of the clients might have an idea who is the suspected third party, location or timing of the rendezvous whereas some have no clue, no matter what is the situation or how much they know, it doesn’t diminish the stress they have to go through.

During the no-obligation discussion, we will approach the case holistically by taking into account all factors, offer the options with transparency for clients to determine if they should engage us, or if they even need a PI at all. Each case is unique and Angels will handhold you every step of the way as you get through this.

We are licensed private investigators that comply strictly to the legal requirements of Singapore. All clients are required to sign a contract for service to engage us formally before starting the investigation.

During the investigation

Our team will start the surveillance at the timing and location agreed with the clients. We often receive mixed reactions from clients, some are excited while some are worried about the actual day. However, all clients have one thing in common – they are anxious to find out what’s going on to verify their suspicions.

“He told our children, relatives and friends that I am not giving him peace at home, it affects his work and I am the one to be blamed. They believe him. I felt so wronged. It’s SO obvious that he is lying and yet I cannot prove it.  It’s not that I do not want him to have peace, but I cannot have my peace of mind too.” one lady said.

When clients are anxious, they overthink and entertain the myriad of thoughts that go through their brain endlessly. This overthinking started way before engaging us, from the moment, their instinct told them something is not right with their husbands. They get suspicious and decode any clues or irregularities that come into their knowledge. They lose sleep, do not eat well and all these take a toll on their physical and mental health.


Stay tuned to Matrimonial Investigations – Part 3



* Ross V Ross

# Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer – Ranger Investigation

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