Matrimonial Investigations – Part 3

By October 3, 2019Uncategorized

Managing your expectations

Most clients expect the mystery to be solved the first time we are out for surveillance. I guess that’s because these are what movies and dramas normally portray. However, in reality, it’s not entirely true. I would say the chance is 50% because we cannot dictate or predict what the husband may do, sometimes he is indeed committed to the activity that was communicated to the client. We will only report what was observed during the surveillance.

“But can you really manage to get it the first time?” most ladies will ask.

Yes, the shortest time we managed to secure evidence of adultery was 3 hours.


Dealing with the discovery 

As mentioned earlier in my previous blog entry, most women will find the entire episode shocking and experience strong emotional and psychological distress. With the evidence, it solidifies all suspicions as well as pain. Different women deal with the discovery differently; we are here to support you during this period of grieving.

My first advice is do not reveal what you have discovered, allow yourself time to decide whether to stay or leave.  Instead, take a day off to go for a health check, visit a lawyer to know your legal rights and cry your heart out. If time permits, go for a stay-cation alone, somewhere you can really be alone and think through.

“How am I supposed to do that? Pretending not to know anything and behave as normal! It’s like Jekyll and Hyde!” one client commented.

I know it’s difficult but bursting out, winning the argument or proving you are right immediately doesn’t help you at all.  Try your best to be silent about the matter first until you are ready for the next step – which is to stay or leave.


# Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer – Ranger Investigation and/or clients.