The Ghost Festival Special

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I decided to put up this post before Matrimonial Investigations- Part 3, because it’s the Hungry Ghost Festival Season. 🙂 Just days ago, while chit-chatting with my “GoddesseS” group, the topic of Ghosts came up when we are deciding whether we should organise an outing to one of the neighbourhoods’ Getai. (To be frank, I have not been to one with singing and bidding activities. I only watched it on TV programmes.)

Halfway through the conversation, one of the goddesses digressed and asked: “Ah, you heard of those who engaged “Little Ghost” to prevent the husbands from straying?”

Within seconds, all eyes turned towards me. At times, I do hear recounts of women seeking help beyond private investigations and counselling. BUT I have to put up a disclaimer: I do not know if it really works or lasts. I am not encouraging it. However, I can empathise and understand why they are doing this.


Divination methods

Divination is defined as the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

One of the most visited places will be the Kwan Yin Temple located at Waterloo Street, famous for the accuracy in divination. After taking the divination slip from the temple, the next stop will be to the “divination experts” situated just outside the temple for a divination reading. The “divination experts” will give advice on whether it’s a phase in the relationship that will go away or continue with more, some even proposed to cut the “bad taohuas”. The last stop is to “beat little man” 打小人 at one of the nearby shops.


Fortune Telling- Bazi, Palmistry and Tarot Cards

The next on the list would be fortune-telling which is predicting the information of a person’s life. Bazi is based on the person’s date and time of birth. Palmistry is based on the lines on the palm and Tarot Cards is based on the cards you chose. I find it somehow similar to divination. For Bazi, if married, the partner’s date and time are also given to see if they match. Sometimes, even Fengshui is involved. I heard from a client that she removed all the books and medications from a certain direction in her home to stop her husband’s “bad taohuas”.


Supernatural means

Some people claim to possess certain supernatural powers from deities or spirits. I heard stories of “Dang Ki”, “Rice lady” 米婆, Bomoh and a Thai practitioner. The recounts claimed that the infidelity happened because of the presence of an evil spirit lingering or a black magic spell was cast. The only remedy is to conduct rituals and time will slowly chase the evil spirit away or lighten the spell. I have no idea what rituals are conducted however I know it’s definitely not the black needle in the egg.

The “Dang Kis” only operate on certain days and timings. The deity will take over the “Dang Ki” body after an invitation ritual and the questions will be answered. Finally, a talisman will be burned for drinking or given for protection. The story I heard of was that the “Dang Ki” listed out what the husband did, scolded him very fiercely and told him to stop all his nonsenses otherwise he will lose everything.

The spookiest recount which I heard of was from my friend, she is currently divorced. For her, she just woke up and told herself this is not the way of moving forward. Before her divorce, she engaged a Thai practitioner that resides in a forest in Thailand. That practitioner prays to different spirits in the forest, he also “rear” little ghosts to run the errands for him.

She conducted a love ritual to keep her husband close to her and to stop all the “bad taohuas”. She was also given a bottle of oil which consists of flowers essence and the body oil of a dead pregnant woman. She needs to chant some Thai sentences and apply the oil on her head so that the husband will be constantly attracted to her.

Perhaps it is the fear of the future or losing someone you love? Perhaps it is just to cling on to a hope that they look forward or just the unwillingness to give up without a fight?

For some women I met, their marriage means everything to them. They are willing to try anything that claims to be able to help them to salvage their marriage, hoping their husband will change for the better. For some, it is simply to aid them in making the decision of staying or leaving.

When things are beyond your control, what can you control?

You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. You walk your future!




# Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer – Ranger Investigation and/or clients.

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