What is your Modus Operandi (Surveillance)?

During the consultation, an Investigator will meet with you to better understand your situation. Once the goal is established, he/she will suggest methods that can be taken to gather the information that you require and provide an outline of the plan. A contract will also need to be signed, along with a verification of your identity (with your IC or passport) for legal purposes before we begin – hence, it will be best to meet with us for a free, non-obligation consult in order to save time and hassle.

After payment is made, the Investigations team will begin to plan for the operation over the next few days. Locations need to be recce’d before surveillance begins to ensure that we are familiar with the grounds; other due-diligence will also be conducted in the form of knowing the Subject’s appearance, and any other possible Co-Subjects we may be looking out for, as well as their vehicles, habits, frequented locations, and any other details. It will be best to let us know at least 24 hours in advance before you would like to conduct surveillance to allow us time to conduct these pre-assessments. However, feel free to call us if there is an urgent need for surveillance to be done, and we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

On the day itself, the team will begin our stakeout at the pre-determined location and carry on from there. During this time, please be careful not to interfere with investigations as this may jeopardize the surveillance and the safety of both yourself and the investigators on the ground. Unless agreed prior to beginning, you will only be updated once the investigations have wrapped up. After two weeks, a compilation of the footage acquired during the investigations will be given to you.

RANGER works in teams of no less than three at any given time and has vehicles and investigators prepared for all manner of transportation logistics and situations. We are able to work at any hour, any day, with no additional surcharges for weekends or public holidays.