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Ranger Investigation & Security Services specializes in providing Private Investigation Services and Total Security Solutions to give you the advantage you need. Whether you’re looking to solve a mystery, collect critical evidence or secure your premises, our private investigators and security personnel have the knowledge, experience, and tools to make sure you achieve your objectives.

Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that exceed your expectations by combining the latest technology with well-trained personnel. Experience the Confidence and Peace of Mind with Our Trusted Solutions.

Don’t settle for anything less – Choose us and see the difference!


Commercial Investigations
Litigation Support Services
Individual / Domestic Investigations
Matrimonial Investigations


Security Personnel
Technology Supply & Installation

Get The Edge


Ranger’s private investigators have the experience and knowledge to achieve objectives and complete our tasks while saving time, effort and money for our clients.

Proven Method

Our private investigators deploy various combinations of traditional & modern techniques within the industry and best practices adapted from other fields has continued to bring success to our clients.


Ranger practice sound moral and ethical principles in our work through action as well as advice to clients.


No Hidden Fees. Based on every client’s unique requirements, our fees structure is made clear right at the start. At Ranger, we provide value-for-money services.


Ranger comply strictly to the legal requirements of Singapore and industry’s standards. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our client we work with.

January 19, 2023

10 Things That Will Not Happen In Private Investigations

Ranger private investigators will NOT: Break the law for a client Use illegal methods to gather information Fabricate evidence or lie in official reports Engage in any actions that might…
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July 9, 2022

Ranger Investigation’s Angels featured on Mediacorp’s Grey Matters

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