Security Services


Fancy the perfect holiday?

Now you can! With Ranger, your assets are in safe hands!

Ranger Security provides both the security personnel and technology necessary for the protection of your vital assets. We have been deploying our security personnel at commercial, industrial as well as residential assignments for more than 30 years. In recent years, we have embarked on an epic journey of continuous improvement to further enhance the effectiveness of our operations and improve our service quality.

Our Approach to the security protection of your assets begins with an understanding of your requirements at our first meeting. Upon award of the assignment, our security surveyors will conduct a comprehensive security survey of your assets for us to better meet your detailed requirements as well as to review the adequacy of the existing security protection plan.

Infrastructure Security

Commercial Buildings

Ranger’s years of experience securing commercial buildings has allowed our team to efficiently and effectively deploy security officers. We protect your key facilities within the compound of your estate, and at the same time maintain high standards of visitor management and customer service for your buildings.

Frequent checks at different timings are also conducted to ensure our clients’ assents and access points are secure and protected from any external threats.

Residential Estates

Protecting residents’ privacy and assets is a crucial facet of Ranger’s responsibility.

Other than adhering to the standard security protocols, we believe that maintaining a good working relationship with Managing Agents, Council Members & Residents is one of the key aspects of ensuring high service standard for our security services.

Our operation teams make frequent visits to the Condo Management and Residents to ensure that their service requests are catered for.


Factories / Warehouses

Ranger Security has years of experience in handling the unique security needs of Factories and Warehouses, adjusting our security operations to adhere to the in-house requirements of each and every one of our clients.

Even with frequent contractor movements, dispatches, and deliveries, our team ensures that vehicle movements are efficiently controlled, checked, and recorded. Our proficiency also include human traffic control during peak hours and security facilities management.

Ad hoc Events

In 2020, Ranger saw itself managing security for a COVID-19 Community Care & Recovery Facility (CCRF) and a Temporary Dormitory alongside Singapore authorities.

We succeeded in mobilising more than 130 Security Personnel on-site within a short period of time to assist with handling the COVID-19 pandemic, including Safety & Security Managers (SSMs) who worked directly yet safely with COVID-19 patients.

Technology Supply/Installation

Video Surveillance Systems (VSS)

Video surveillance systems are not only a good deterrent but also an efficient detector of suspicious or illegal activities.

At Ranger, we are able to develop video surveillance solutions including video content analytics (VCA) when required, to cater to your specific requirements and preferences.

Access Control Systems

If you prefer not to have a human-based security system, Access Control Systems may be the solution for you.

From standalone electromagnetic locks to access card systems, Ranger installs trusted technologies to deny intruder access to your properties. Keep a record of human traffic, employee attendance, and movement easily using Ranger access control systems.

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Running a high-level security event? Worried that intruders may steal important pieces of work from a convention?

Ranger’s carries a range of handheld metal detectors (HHMD) that can help prevent and stop unwanted materials from entering your premises.

Bodyworn Cameras

Bodyworn cameras can protect your staff by providing a constant record or monitoring of their activities and interactions during their work hours.

From basic models of body-worn cameras that store video recordings locally to more advanced models with Wifi and 4G connectivity, these cameras monitor and allow you to make recordings remotely from a command or operations center.