Evidence Collected by Private Investigators

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Quality Evidence Collection By Ranger Private Investigators

Evidence collected by private investigators need to be relevant, obtained legally and unadulterated.

There are 2 categories in general: Direct and Indirect. Direct evidence proves a fact without any presumptions or inferences and can either be direct testimony of a witness, item or document.

Indirect evidence (also termed as circumstantial) proves a fact by inference from circumstances using reasoning and experience. Some examples are in the form of fingerprints, surveillance videos, audio recordings, etc.

Experienced, Discreet, Professional & Effective Private Investigation Service

Various proprietary collection techniques and methods, honed after amassing many years of experience are deployed by Ranger Private Investigations to acquire evidences described above.

Ranger Investigators collect direct and indirect deliverables depending on the requirement and situation. Engage us today to obtain the support you require. Call +65 9698 8142.

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