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What is the Success Rate of your investigations?

An often-asked question with regard to our Private Investigation services is: “What is the success rate of your investigations?”

It’s clear that to most Clients, meeting their expectations means success. In reality, such expectations may not always be practicably achievable. For example, a Client may expect that every single detail that is incriminating is observed and captured as evidence in a surveillance operation. Whereas for Ranger, a job well done is one where we obtain all the necessary evidence as we are able to observe, leave the scene and the target(s) is not aware that we were even there at all. That is why usually in response, we align our Client with our definition of success instead of the other way around.

Defining Success and Successful Outcomes

Our definition of success is measured by the ability to obtain the evidence when the Act of Interest takes place while remaining covert. Contrary to what some may think, our success is not only defined by whether we are able to produce the particular type of evidence that the client have in mind. After all, whether or not our target commits the Act of Interest is beyond our control.

There are several other factors that can influence the success of a case. These include the experience and expertise of the investigators involved, the availability to resources, the nature of the case, how much our Client is able to provide background information and real-time intelligence, as well as the legal and ethical boundaries that Ranger Investigation operates within.

In all our cases, our Client play a pivotal role in the overall success of the investigation. Ranger Investigation usually request our Clients to provide as much information as possible, set, clear and realistic objectives, and maintain honest and open communication to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome for our Clients.

For Clients considering hiring a PI, understanding these dynamics is crucial in setting realistic expectations and achieving the best possible outcome. Contact us to understand more.

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