Bug Sweep

Bug Sweeps For Eavesdropping Devices

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Many outside our industry may be unfamiliar with the term Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). A TSCM sweep, also known as a bug sweep is a thorough inspection to detect and eliminate unauthorized electronic surveillance devices (“bugs”). These bugs can include hidden microphones, cameras, and tracking devices. A few years ago, Ranger Investigation acquired some high-tech but rarely seen tools used for TSCM or bug sweeps. Since then, we have helped numerous clients who suspected unauthorized eavesdropping, providing them with peace of mind. Our Arsenal Aside from visual inspection and physical searches, two of the most effective tools in our TSCM arsenal are Non-linear Junction Detectors (NLJDs) and Spectrum Analysers from Research Electronics International (REI). A typical TSCM sweep starts with a spectrum analyzer to detect any active radio frequency (RF) signals. After identifying these signals, an NLJD is used to locate hidden devices that might not be transmitting but can still pose a threat. While NLJDs are great at detecting hidden electronic devices, spectrum analyzers are unmatched in identifying active transmissions. Together, they offer a comprehensive TSCM strategy, covering both dormant and active surveillance threats. Practical Applications Ranger Investigation serves mainly corporate security clients and individuals concerned about privacy violations. For corporate security clients, we typically sweep offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms and board rooms to prevent industrial espionage. Routine sweeps of these offices and meeting rooms ensure that sensitive discussions and information remain confidential. For individuals, we protect their privacy by detecting hidden cameras and microphones in their personal spaces such as bedrooms or even their entire homes. For Peace of Mind At Ranger Investigation, our goal is to protect our clients’ sensitive information from potential threats, ensuring privacy and security in an increasingly digital world. If you know someone in this kind of misery, refer them to me. I can help to solve their mystery!