Matrimonial Investigation


“It’s Just Your Words Against Mine”


Rebuilding Marriages * Divorce * Ancillary Matters

Matrimonial Matters


It’s emotionally distressing and personally devastating to be caught in a matrimonial conflict or affair. We get that. We know that your darkest moment can be unbearably painful and if children are involved, things just get more complex.

Ranger understands that in such an emotionally charged situation, you will need someone who comes in good faith to find out if your fears of an unfaithful spouse is true. Our affair investigation will find you the necessary information in order to rationally to the conflict. Our services in investigating this area can help with:
: Rebuilding marriages
: Divorce proceedings
: Ancillary matters
– Child custody, care & control and access
– Division of matrimonial assets

Rebuilding Marriages


It is a misconception that once you engage a Private Investigator, it equates to you seeking a divorce. About half of our matrimonial enquiries approach us with the intention of gathering facts to prove their sanity, credibility and removing the layers of deceit to be in the know.

Infidelity is only a symptom, while the cause behind it could be lack of communication, partner’s existing psychological issues, the pure boredom of current status and many more.

By removing layers of deceit, acknowledging and opening up to existing issues like the aforementioned, couples could then move towards rebuilding their marriages. Forgiveness, repentance and commitment to work hand in hand with partners is the key to doing so.

Our proven method of gathering facts for matrimonial cases has supported clients in making positive changes within themselves and their marriages.

Divorce and Ancillary Matters


No one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce. However, when there is no more room for reconciliation, the next step forward is to gather facts and corroboration to support your case while dealing with the other party during divorce and ancillary matter proceedings.

It may be mentally draining but with support from loved ones and experts on the matter, you can prove your position.

​Ranger has worked alongside with hundreds of clients and lawyers in providing them clear and admissible evidence pertaining to adultery, unreasonable behaviour, child custody, child care & control and matrimonial assets issues.

Let us guide you through your tough times and show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Notable Cases

Four is a crowd

A client engaged us to prove his suspicions and it turned out that his wife was having an affair with a married party. Our client decided to approach the third party’s wife to end the affair so that he could save his own marriage and return a mother to his children.

It’s Cougar time

Another client started to observe that his wife was making more frequent trips to go shopping in nearby Johor Bahru. He engaged us to check on his wife and it turned out that she was having an romantic affair with a younger man. The shopping trips to Johor Bahru was true, but there were other activities involved as well.

True Love?

A husband got involved with a younger foreign woman on student pass and demanded a divorce. His wife, our client engaged us to survey the foreign woman and it turned out that she is a “true love” to several other men as well. We staged a “coincidental” bump for our client’s husband to see the foreign woman’s true colours. Our client and her husband then decided to work on their marriage by going for counselling.

Dating App

A client engaged us to find out why her husband had been going for many lunches, dinners and events on the pretext of work. As it turned out, he was spending time and money on various women that he got to know from a Dating App. With this revelation, our client confronted her husband and eventually confirmed that he had hidden emotional issues and needed psychological help.